Everything you want to know about portfolio careers? Watch this space.

by Barrie Hopson on November 6, 2012 · 0 comments

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DSC00136And didn’t you write a book about all of this you might well ask!

Well – yes, but that was nearly 3 years ago and although our basic premises are unchanged and the activities and tools that we describe are all still very relevant, what is new are the increasing number of stories that we hear about and from people setting up portfolio careers. I talk widely on this topic and the majority of questions are predictable but every now and again a new one appears that forces me to think creatively.

I will now start to blog regularly about these when they come up. There will be plenty I am sure following the Free Range Humans Festival interview that I am doing tonight with Marianne Cantwell. In fact Marianne is already getting questions sent in advance some of which we will deal with tonight and the the others on the Q&A session tomorrow at 2pm GMT. And for those of you who aren’t part of this I will publish some of the questions and my answers here.

I look forward to the session but it will be especially interesting in that I was bugged last week (in the disease sense) and still do not have my voice back properly so will be conducting the session whilst quaffing large quantities of cider vinegar and honey in hot water. An old acting trick if you are losing your voice. Eating fresh oranges is the other one but that can get messy. One of the joys of a portfolio career is that you can do things like this from the comfort of your own home. I just have to ensure that my study door is shut to avoid being joined by a very loud and demanding pussy. This happened when I was doing a webinar for the Open University this summer. The feedback was that it humanised me! So maybe I should make sure he is always available for these events. Then I can of course write a best selling book about our relationship aka Bob The Cat – still on the Sunday Times best seller list.

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