What kind of portfolio career do you have?

by Barrie Hopson on November 8, 2012 · 0 comments

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One of the joys of doing the global webinar for the Free Range Humans Festival was discovering the diversity of portfolio careers represented by the people who had tuned in and asked questions on the night and also at the Q&A ‘textin’ the following day. Because I talk a lot (yes – I know I do!) about portfolio careers at a wide range of events I am always meeting people with amazing combinations of careers. Also a whole variety of ways that people get into their portfolio careers. This was a major question from the Festival.

I also know from having attended a few support group meetings of people who have or are thinking of testing out a portfolio career just how motivational and instructive it can be to hear other’s stories. We would like to invite you therefore to tell us your stories. We will put them on this site preferably with your name, or if you prefer, anonymously. Just send them to me at barrie@portfoliocareers.net. Send me a photo too if you can. What always happens is that someone will say, ‘Oh, I  never thought of doing that’, or  ‘ how did you make that happen’, etc. Plus there are masses of tips passed around such as good software, apps, social media pluses and minuses. Because, although not all portfolio workers work alone many do and therefore you just do not pick up ongoing tips and data as you would if you worked every day at the same venue.

We would also like to use this site for passing on tips that would make our crazy busy lives easier or possibly even crazier.

So please let’s hear from you. There are more and more of us every day. It plays havoc with the national employment statistics of course. They don’t know how to classify us. I know as I have talked to them about it. The main person I spoke to there said having had it described she fancied having one too!

And the ice cream cone? I’ll explain that in the next posting……..

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