Free Range Humans Festival 2013

by Barrie Hopson on March 13, 2013 · 1 comment

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Having enjoyed being interviewed by the delightful,  quirky and creative Marianne Cantwell during the 2012 Festival I was delighted to be asked to co-host a session this year along with Barbara Sher. It runs from March 11-24. We did this last night and yet again this was a demonstration of just how projects can be conceived and delivered from and to anywhere on the globe. We had lots of people signed up and after responding to many emailed  questions spent some time answering real time questions from people who phoned in. Was it a co-incidence that they were all women! Phone calls  from the US to Australia. We used Barbara’s concept of scanning as a key part of the session. In other words – people who want to do lots of things and who often get accused of being dilettantes or jacks of all trades and masters of none. Barbara has written a great book on this subject “Refuse To Choose”.

This of course also relates strongly to the portfolio careers concept, someone who does not want to specialise in one job or one kind of work or one kind of career pattern. Katie and I talk also talk about portfolio living which gets very close to Barbara’s concept. In other words, people who like to have a variety of paid and unpaid work in the work/life blend that they have chosen. But ‘scanning’ is a good metaphorical word to describe what many of us do. Just this morning I have been invited to get involved in a project online which is unlike anything I have ever done before. Of course this sounds like fun so I am going to do it. How will I find time? Well – that analysis will come later when I find I don’t have any spare time. This is how portfolio workers/scanners operate. Which of course is exactly why it is not a life style for everyone. Marianne runs her business from around the world, the epitome of the free range human. I think its great but I know lots of people who would be horrified and not just because they are scared but just because that is not the way they want to live their lives. The underlying message from all 3 of us, however, is that it is important to be a free range human who is open to all possibilities but then to choose the way of life that works best for you – irrespective of what others say. You truly can and should be the architect of your own future and write your own life script. Don’t let others do it for you.



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1 Diane March 13, 2013 at 12:00 pm

Stands to join a flapturous round of applause.
More! More!


P.s. I was on that call & I loved every moment listening to you 3 wax fabulous lyrical about how to go about doing everything! Energising & Inspiring.

Thank YOU

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