Career surfing?

by Barrie Hopson on March 16, 2013 · 0 comments

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surfingI did a post some time ago suggesting that career surfing might be a more appropriate term to use these days than career planning. Not least of which as it embodies the chance and happenstance factors that we know are an important influence on careers. I was intrigued therefore, thanks to google alerts, to come across an article from the US by Eric Anderson for the the National Career Development Association, in which he is imploring us to drop the term ‘career path’ as this suggests planning and a singularity which is just not there any more. He also makes the point that the metaphors and terms we use to explain ourselves reinforce a way of looking at and experiencing the world. That is why certain terms which are historically limited should be withdrawn from our everyday speech.

He actually opts for ‘career voyage’ – which I can live with but it is interesting that both Eric and I are at sea here! I will stay with career surfing as that sounds a little more dynamic and exciting.

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