Starting a portfolio career: Beverley De Col

by Barrie Hopson on March 22, 2013 · 0 comments

in Starting a portfolio career,work/life blend

As regular readers know we always like to highlight portfolio career stories. Any one of them can sometimes serve as a stimulus for a person to say to themselves, “Well – if she can do it why don’t I give it a go?” Beverley believed as a result of her experiences in selling clothes to men that most of us (men that is!) lack confidence, skills and basic nouse when it comes to choosing clothes for ourselves. So she thought that there was a niche here. After all there were many stylists for women so why not for men. She had never set up a website and never been self employed. Some of you will already recognise these characteristics. But she decided to go for it – long before she met me. I was so impressed with her efforts that I have been providing her with some mentoring – and I might add my wardrobe has improved accordingly! Well I think so anyway. I hope you enjoy her story and do look at her website.

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