Is interim management a portfolio career?

by Barrie Hopson on May 16, 2013 · 0 comments

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I did post on this topic 2 years ago but am revisiting it as this week I gave another talk to the ICAEW in the City at their headquarters. The seminar was on portfolio careers and I was kicking it off. As usual my session was followed by Nigel Peters from Alium Partners talking about interim management. I am sometimes asked this question at these seminars and usually I respond by saying “Not really as it is more like a serial career as we describe it in our book. This is where someone after a certain period of time wants new challenges irrespective of how successful they have been with their last position”. However, I am increasingly finding people who do not necessarily do more than 2 jobs simultaneously but like to indulge their desire for multiple jobs and roles and projects by doing them sequentially. In the book we have 2 examples of people doing this. One lady was an accountant during the summer and a ski instructor and chalet manager in the winter. You could argue that this is clearly a portfolio career as the jobs are quite different whereas people taking interim management jobs are often doing the same thing but each one is just for  a few months.

There are times when I realise that indeed I am still a recovering academic. It doesn’t really matter does it! The crucial thing is finding out what you want to do and then to do it. To indeed be the architect of your own future.

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