…. and are very interested in portfolio careers. I was invited to join a dicussion programme today on portfolio careers conducted by The Voice of Russia. Interesting interviewees including  John Philpot from the Jobs Economist, Almuth McDowall who is chair of the BPS Division for Occupational Psychology and Sab from Careershifters. Much discussion as to whether this is a career pattern for everyone. Which of course it isn’t. And whether all portfolio workers are self employed. Which of course they’re not. And if this will be of most interest to Gen Y’s. Which it isn’t. Interesting debate as to whether most people would still choose a full time job with one employer if there were more jobs around. Certainly what I pick up from admittedly self selected groups would suggest that an increasing number of young people do not buy into that concept of work and jobs.

Concerns were expressed as to what the children of portfolio workers thought about their parents lifestyle. My take on this is that children only know what they are brought up with but they can be quite conservative about changes in parental behaviour.

I also expressed my belief in that we are not only witnessing the end of the 20th Century concept of jobs and work but also the idea that we opt for just one career pattern in a lifetime. I had a serial career pattern for 20 years which worked well for me. Then a portfolio career for the next 20 years. If I was offered a single full time job that was fascinating and worthwhile would I consider it? Of course – but my goodness it would have to be very special.

The joy of the new industrial revolution is that everything is possible and we do indeed own our own means of production. We really can be the architects of our own future.

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1 Blanche Nixon June 6, 2013 at 9:01 pm

A portfolio career is about doing two or more different jobs on a part-time basis with different employers that when combined are the equivalent of a full-time position, instead of working a traditional full-time job. Portfolio careers typically focus on your skills and interests, though managing your career yourself is the key element.

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