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Outsourcing plays an important role in the life of Portfolio Careerists.


When you are your own boss or juggling multiple jobs the ability to offload certain tasks can make all the difference. It may be that you have a certain skills gap and need a professional’s assistance or  simply that you are aspiring towards a certain work-life blend and want to avoid a task you loath doing. Both of these are very good reasons to outsource!


At the same time, if you are a Portfolio Careerist then outsourcing will most likely play a key role in paying your bills. Pretty much any service you provide means that someone, somewhere is deciding to seek your assistance rather than do a task themselves. The same goes for products – people are choosing to buy a product rather than make it themselves.


This may all sound pretty obvious and that’s because it is. But it is something worth talking about because so many people – even though we live in a world built on outsourcing – try and do everything themselves. And when you are trying to manage a Portfolio Career this can be a particularly costly trap to fall into.


Whether building a new website or keeping on top of your cleaning it often simply isn’t practical to try and do it all yourself and can in fact be a waste of your time trying.


Author Timothy Ferris in his book “The Four Hour Work Week” is a keen advocate of the outsourcing approach to life and explains that it is better to focus on your strengths and things you enjoy rather than forcing yourself to try and tackle skills gaps or save costs by doing tasks you dislike.


As an example, if you hate cleaning but are great at writing Press Releases then an hour spent cleaning your house is not only an hour wasted in terms of enjoyment it is also an hour wasted in the sense that you could have been earning money that hour writing a Press Release for someone who in turn does not want to do that.


Timothy Ferris takes this thought process to the extreme and explains how you can pretty much outsource all aspects of business to construct passive sources of income. Freeing up your time to pursue your passions and start your next project.


The first thing to do is identify a few tasks that you are good at and enjoy doing. Then you need to figure out how to maximise your time spent doing these things. Taking the example of someone who loves writing Press Releases – try listing your services on outsourcing websites like PeoplePerHour.com.


The second crucial step is to identify the time-consuming tasks that are weighing you down and find a local reliable helper to take on these tasks. If you want a cleaner or admin assistant for example you’ll find a long list of people on sites like SortedLocal.com who can work at very reasonable rates!



Post by Marcus Rowntree:

Marcus runs a networking group for Dyslexic Entrepreneurs and used to run a similar group for Portfolio Careerists. The other part of his Portfolio Career is his role as Community Manager at www.SortedLocal.com – a site for busy people that helps them outsource tasks like cleaning and admin to local, reliable helpers.


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