Do I really need a business card?

by Barrie Hopson on August 6, 2013 · 0 comments

in Brands,Creativity,Marketing

In our book 470_josiedent_1375439300we talk about the fact that today ‘google me’ is the new business card. And that was 3 years ago? But clearly there is still a role for business cards but for goodness sake really think through what they are saying about your brand. Look at some outstandingly creative cards that were featured in a recent online Management Today article. OK – you might not get this creative but test out ideas with friends and you know it might even pay to get a designer or artist actually do one for you. Moocards also allow you to be as creative as you might be capable of. I created my own through them in one evening. Still using them 3 years later. And that is also your challenge. The way you branded yourself then – is that still current? I hear you saying, ‘but I still have 2 unopened box of cards left!’  True and so what! How much is your brand worth?

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