winning-through-redundancyDefinitely, according to an excellent new book by Steve Preston,‘Winning Through Redundancy: Six Steps to Navigate Your Way to a Brighter Future‘. The book of course is much broader than that and outlines the many options to be explored but only after a great deal of personal work and analysis and creative thinking. The chapter on deciding ‘what to do’ , by itself is worth the  price of the book and this is where he discusses portfolio careers as one option to consider.

It is also a book for people who are stranded in a job or career which is unfulfilling. Steve describes how to identify your passions, skills and values and then how to act on this to build a new future for yourself.

Steve invited me to a launch lunch party at his home last Saturday which included everyone who had worked on the book – plus a magician (actually he was also a case study in the book!). I will now suggest this book to anyone I know who is facing redundancy. And – a sign of the times – that applies to 2 colleagues this week alone.  It is very practical and also inspiring with many case studies including Steve’s own story as he was made redundant many years ago and used it as a stepping stone to a new future. A bonus are the creative drawings of Tara Winona. She, by the way, is a portfolio careerist. As is her husband. That in my experience is a very rare phenomenon and I will posting later on them on this site.

This is clearly the best book that I have read to motivate people facing redundancy in their jobs or indeed redundancy in their lives.

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