Should Portfolio Workers Get Married?

by Barrie Hopson on August 10, 2013 · 0 comments

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ImageWell – who are we to say! What we do know, however, is that in our experience most portfolio careerists do not tend to marry or partner with other portfolio workers.  They usually partner with people with single track, serial or life style careers. (Read the free introduction to our book.) So it is always a delight to come across a matching pair! In my last posting I said that I had met such a combination. Tara Winona and Theo Cox. Tara is an incredibly talented artist and illustrator and writer of children’s stories. Theo is a lighting designer, experienced in illuminating a wide range of events of various styles, including large scale spectaculars, concerts, awards shows and multimedia events, many of them televised. Most recently he has designed the entire creative concept behind the 2012-2013 world tour of international artist Seal, including lighting, video, staging and automation. I interviewed them separately to find out the pluses and minuses of being married when both of them had portfolio careers. It got a bit boring because they enthused so much about the pluses I had to drag the occasional minus out of them. The picture of them in Venice is no accident as they love travelling and their life style allows them to do some of that together but of course there are periods when they are not together. As I write this Tara is on her way to Brisbane to produce the laser art for a son -et – lumiere show there. But they always make sure that they take time out to travel and to learn new things. At the moment they are learning how to build a cob house which they propose to do later this year. Cob house? If you haven’t a clue – like me – log on and watch the fascinating video on how to use mud to make your home. It involves dancing in the mud too! They occasionally work together but not often. One negative reported by many portfolio workers is the feeling of isolation because of a lack of co-workers or team mates. They claim that this is rarely a problem for them as they have one another.

If one gets grumpy that can be a problem – but then that’s married life for you irrespective of whether or not you both have portfolio careers. They have double the usual financial risk but Tara is clear that if she worries about this then the money does not come in but if she trusts that it will then it does. The law of attraction strikes again!

Spouses and partners of portfolio workers have confided in me from time to time that living with a portfolio worker can be very challenging. They are constantly switched on – metaphorically and often actually – and can be difficult to live with. My usual response is ‘try living with someone who hates their job or is bored out of their minds’. It was great to find a couple who clearly make this work for them. Truly inspiring.

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