How do you sign off your email Part 1?

by Barrie Hopson on August 18, 2013 · 0 comments

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In mentoring someone recently this highly debatable topic came up. Your email represents a crucial aspect of your brand. So what does it say about you? How much thought have you put into it.  I have at least 6 signatures that I can choose from according to the aspect of myself that I wish to present.  The nearest I have to a generic is below:

Dr Barrie Hopson

tel:0113 2300122
mob 07870 262052

Helping people become architects of their own future

You need to put your contact telephone numbers. I used to have a fax no but do not bother with that any more as it is rarely required and complicates the word picture. I also add my important social media links. And finally – my brand.

Until a couple of years ago I used to use my address too until it was pointed out to me that this could get me considerable unwanted attention by mail or worse so that went!

Your signature is an important microcosm of who you are so what picture are you presenting of yourself. I sometimes see photos, clip art, diagrams and heaven forbid  little emoticons.  If you think that something like this  actually does say something about you then that’s fine. Just put a great deal of thought into it because you will be judged on how you appear.

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