30 of the Best Blogs Featuring Legit Work from Home Opportunities

by Barrie Hopson on September 22, 2013 · 5 comments

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We always like to welcome guest bloggers and this is from the US so much of the data has a stars and stripes feel but I felt that there is much useful information here for UK portfolio workers who have ambitions in the writing and blogging arenas. The author is Jeralyn Nelson who is the content editor http://housesittingjobs.com/. So over to Jeralyn: –

“It isn’t difficult to find work from home opportunities online. In fact, if you enter the term into any search engine, you will get thousands of hits. Unfortunately, the vast majority of those results are either scams or the effort that you put in is not worth the meager rewards. To find legit opportunities is simply a matter of separating the wheat from the chaff, so that you are left with only the real money-makers. These 30 blogs feature legit ways that you can not only work from home, but even make a full-time living.

Freelance Writing

If you have a talent for writing and a head for research, freelancing could provide you with the opportunity you’ve been searching for. You will usually have to bid for projects against other freelancers, but if you land the right clients and turn-in excellent work, there is a chance of receiving repeat business as well. In these five blogs you will find everything you need to get started, from advice on submitting proposals to finding the best projects to match your talents.

Guest and Paid Blogging

This is another form of freelance writing, but with more freedom to choose the type of work that you want to do. You can search for blogs in your niche that are looking for guest bloggers, or you can start your own blog and monetize it. You need to remember that you, as a blogger, are effectively self-employed. That means it is ultimately up to you to make your business work. Here are five blogs that will help you get a foothold in the world of paid blogging.

eBooks and Online Business

eBooks are a great way to make money from home. If you have skills or knowledge in a particular niche, you can sell that knowledge in the form of an eBook. Similarly, if you can create a business from your skills and knowledge, an online business is only a website away. The art of selling eBooks and launching online businesses is explored in greater detail in these five blogs.

Virtual Assistant

In order to reduce overheads, businesses all over the world are now using virtual assistants. These are legit opportunities to work from home and get paid a regular wage. Be warned, though, that there are a lot of scams out there, too. Always use a legitimate vendor to search for virtual assistant work. You can start by checking out these five blogs on how to become a virtual assistant.

Skill and Talent Bidding

Much like freelance writing, talent bidding means winning clients. However, it involves projects that not just anyone has the skills to complete. These projects usually involve specialized skills or qualifications in areas such as I.T., architecture, law or medicine. In such competitive markets, this is a great way to earn money and work from home. The five blogs in this section specialize in skill and talent bidding, and are for those who have what it takes to get the job done.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has the most earning potential out of all the work from home opportunities. If you put in the work and choose the right programs, you are all but guaranteed to succeed. There are financial risks, though, so make sure you do your research. To help you decide if this niche is for you, read some of the advice from some of the best affiliate marketers in these five blogs.

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1 Jennifer Mackenzie September 26, 2013 at 3:07 pm

Thanks for the info! I have been working as a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant now for almost 2 years and love it. I was worried at first to purchase the training materials wondered if it was legit. Now I love my job! #lovebeingmyownboss #713training

2 arnav March 16, 2014 at 12:15 pm

Hi, great post. I appreciate your efforts. When it comes to online work from home opportunities I would also like to mention the name of Ejobsjunction – Online Jobs that given me more than my expectations. Thanks

3 Bruno Duarte November 3, 2015 at 5:42 pm

Thanks for sharing your tips!
All the best and much success

4 Mary Payton December 14, 2016 at 5:13 am

Thank you so much for sharing, this was very helpful and such an amazing resource! At first I had a hard time trying to find legitimate work at home jobs, but foretunately I finally found my “perfect fit”! But this is definitely a great resource for those still searching for theirs!
If anyone is looking to earn a real income (part time OR full time) working from your own home, send me an email and I can show you how I started earning a full time income from home: learn2earn@columbus.rr.com
FYI…. Commissions are being paid out every day to ordinary people just like you, so you should definitely check it out!

5 Marco Nickelson December 30, 2016 at 6:16 am

I really loved this post and wanted to thank you for sharing, very helpful. You have provided us with a thorough and comprehensive list that I am definitely going to save and refer back to. There absolutely are many legitimate ways to make a full-time income from home working online. Not only do I make a full-time income and support my family working from home, but I know many others who do as well. One thing I have realized working from home and making money online for years now is that the more people you genuinely help, the more money you end up making. Helping others to succeed will in turn create you a large following of loyal customers. If you have a loyal customer base and followers, you then have the perfect target audience for your business. If you are sick of failing online, or if you are frustrated with not getting any results or making sales, and having issues generating quality traffic, please contact me at: pureinspirationmarketing@gmail.com

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