Portfolio careers can be longlasting

by Barrie Hopson on May 24, 2014 · 0 comments

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IMG_0720 One of the joys of a portfolio career for me has always been that from time to time aspects of your past life or indeed a constituent of your previous portfolio career re-emerges. I was approached by  Unionlearn (www.unionlearn.org.uk ) recently. They host a great programme for 30,000 Union Learning Reps, all volunteers with demanding day jobs.  They help to support workplace learning and career development for everybody, including low-paid, shift workers and temporary workers. They had been using activities from my book The Rainbow Years: The Pluses of Being 50+ for some time and someone internally raised the issue as to whether or not it was strictly legal to keep photocopying the Transferable Skills card sort from the book. It was also very time consuming. So they contacted me for permission to print them properly but making it clear that this was taken from the book.

I am always happy to discover that something that I have created is useful so happily gave them permission. In return they also bought 200 books from us to hand out to their volunteers – which also demonstrates that often in life one good turn …..

Anyway this morning I received copies of the packs. Beautifully designed and printed. This was a project that I had been intensely involved in 6 years ago so was delighted to discover that it is still useful.

What’s the likelihood of that happening if you only ever have one job – for life!

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