How do we keep fit as portfolio workers?

by Barrie Hopson on July 10, 2014 · 0 comments

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Yes – this is an issue that I hear about a lot. You would think that with a portfolio lifestyle that keeping fit and good nutrition would be easy to achieve! Quite! The fact is that we are often  so busy juggling our portfolio roles around that is exactly what we fail to do. I had intended going for a run now but here I  am blogging.

So anything that will help that fits into my normal life will be considered. I’m sure you have all read about the pluses of standing up at your computer and having stand up meetings. Easier said than done. So I was intrigued to see this new device in the US that fits onto the back of your chair thereby of course making it impossible to sit in it. Personally I wouldn’t pay $199 for it but of course you could make this yourself out of wood or even strong cardboard.

So there’s a challenge for you….

And now I am off on my run. I am doing a series of runs for the Stroke Association and have 2 in the next 2 weeks. My wife had a major stroke over 3 years ago and still cannot talk much although has regained much mobility. If you feel like contributing to the cause have a look at

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