Whatever happened to career paths?

by Barrie Hopson on March 5, 2016 · 0 comments

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I was asked this quesion recently when being interviewed on radio about portfolio careers. Good question! In the latter part of the last century people including careers advisors were still using this term. And of course career paths still exist, especially in long established careers like medicine, law and accountancy. But even with these I am finding more and more people who want to explore career and work alternatives. I used to talk regularly at the ICAEW and the accountants attending these session are getting younger and younger.
At the very least people are increasingly looking for more flexible working and some for what I have described in a previous posting as portfolio living.
A report out this month from the Lancaster University’s Work Foundation (commissioned by mobile working tech firm Citrix) claims that next year will be the tipping point as more than half of employers will be offering flexible working of one sort or another, a proportion it claims will rise to 70% by 2020.
When I first started writing and talking about the future of work in the 1970’s I used to start off many a talk with this statement:
“There is no such thing as a career path any more only crazy paving. And you have to lay that yourself”.
Welcome to the world of crazily paved careers! You might trip up more often than you would on a regular path but it can be much more exciting and fun!

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