Australia discovers portfolio careers!

by Barrie Hopson on May 2, 2016 · 0 comments

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Well not exactly, as we know from much correspondance that the concept is alive and well ‘down under’. However, I was interested to read a recent article in The Australian Business Review in which the author seems to have adopted a US expression to describe the phenomenon – slash careers. Marci Alboher wrote a book on this topic in the US at the same time that Katie and I were writing our book and her book was actually called One person/multiple careersĀ : a new model for work/life success. But throughout she called theĀ  process ‘slash careers’.I can recall talking to American friends about this and delicately trying to explain that whilst ‘graphic’ the phrase would never work in the UK as when we talk about going for a ‘slash’ there is a whole different concept.

I would have thought that was also true for the Aussies but maybe not. Anyway it amused me on a British Bank Holiday where typically the rain is streaming down so again was reminded of the ‘slashing’ concept.

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