How to Work for Passion, Pleasure & Profit

by Barrie Hopson on February 6, 2017 · 0 comments

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UntitledThis is a new book written by my friend Steve Preston and just published on Amazon. I was delighted to be asked to write the foreward for it.

It is always good to get a new perspective on a topic one has lived with and loved for many years. With this book Steve has brought the topic  up to date. Passion is a key element and I love the subtitle that links Passion to Pleasure and Profit.

I have, along with many other commentators, written about an end to the job for life paradigm as a universal and respected career pursuit. Steve now discusses the many fascinating new developments and opportunities, such as the ‘gig economy’ and ‘digital nomads’. My parents would simply not recognise any of this and indeed would have thought we were mad!

Although I have total respect for all career patterns, whether employed or self-employed, I am old enough to recall being criticised throughout my life, as someone who lacked ‘stickability’, dedication, or a sense of direction. My head teacher suggested back in 1961: “On your tombstone Hopson it will simply sayHe was a dilettante’”.   I was not sure what that was so went home and looked it up in the dictionary and you know what – I thought that sounds pretty good to me! And it has certainly never held me back in achieving success in my career and life!

The book showcases the variety and diversity of different portfolio careers. There are some great case studies and Steve cleverly splits some of these throughout the book to emphasise his different points. On  one aspect,  the link between voluntary work and portfolio workers, Steve quite rightly has dedicated a whole section. His case studies demonstrate just how attractive voluntary work can be. Also, why for many people it is one of the main reasons for deciding on a portfolio career.

As I have done on this website Steve also makes the point that increasingly we should be talking about a portfolio lifestyle rather than just portfolio careers. This is not only being evidenced by more and more people aged over 50, but also millennials who aren’t going to wait years to achieve such a working lifestyle either. Indeed, likely they will not need to do so as companies are going to have to be much more flexible if they wish to attract talent in the future.

With this book, Steve will give you the inspiration and the practical wherewithal to successfully create your own portfolio career and lifestyle. Consider the case studies and imagine what Steve would be able to write about you and your journey towards working for Passion, Pleasure and Profit, in the years to come!

Read it!

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