Portfolio Careers in Australia

by Barrie Hopson on August 8, 2017 · 0 comments

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Fascinating article in the Herald Sun quoting research from Seek which found that  59 per cent of Australians regard flexible working arrangements as a top work perk. Flexibility is seen as a two-way relationship and employers are seeing flexibility as a key part of their value proposition to potential employees.

The  Seek study revealed that in Australia more than one in four (28 per cent) people support their primary job with an additional source of income, with 33 per cent of those surveyed specifically stating that the source of this additional income is another job.

“With the rise of the gig economy, jobseekers are increasingly signing up to
on-demand employment platforms, like Sidekicker, to pick up casual jobs when they please to earn extra money,”  says Seek spokeswoman Kendra Bankssays.

Flex Careers CEO Natalie Goodman says while the new trend can be a matter of financial necessity, it is primarily a lifestyle choice.

“It’s more a choice to be more flexible rather than working in a permanent role for six or seven years,” Goodman says.

There are some excellent case studies.

When I think back to when Katie and I wrote our book in 2009 when almost no-one we talked to had even heard of a portfolio career……

……  and now it is a legitimate career style choice. Not necessarly for a lifetime but then that increasingly applies to any career style. I think it is just great that all age groups are now getting a greater choice of how we wish to live our lives and how we want to work.

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