GP’s encouraged to consider portfolio careers!

by Barrie Hopson on April 4, 2018 · 0 comments

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I have written before about the increasing attraction of portfolio working to medical staff but there are now extraordinary developments.

The BMA has called on the Government to introduce ‘virtual’, chambers-style GP models in a bid to stop GPs leaving the profession.

It said the new working opportunity should draw on the locum chambers model, as well as NHS England’s existing GP ‘career plus’ retention pilot for over-55s.

The proposals, contained within the BMA’s response to a Health Education England proposals for a 10-year NHS workforce strategy, come as recent statistics showed full-time GP numbers had declined despite Government efforts to boost the workforce.

The BMA report said: ‘Recognising the trend amongst retirement age GPs to undertake portfolio careers, and the tendency for newly qualified GPs to undertake locum and sessional work, a virtual practice model could be developed that draws on elements of the GP chambers model and the success of the Somerset model from the GP Career Plus Scheme pilot.

‘This model would provide GPs with flexibility, control of their working life and the ability to experience a range of work (in and out of hours) across multiple practices and health providers.’

Somerset is one of 10 areas taking part in a £100,000 NHS England pilot aimed at improving GP retention. It sees participants employed to attend two educational sessions a month, organised by the LMC, which can cover any topic that group members feel would be helpful and are provided peer support.

The 12-month trial, which has been worked up with the RCGP, BMA and Health Education England, will look to recruit ‘up to 80 experienced GPs at risk of leaving the profession’ across 10 pilot areas.

NHS England said these GPs, aged between 55 and 59, could:

  • Provide clinical capacity for practices to cover: vacancies; annual leave; parental leave; and sick cover.
  • Carry out specific types of work e.g. long term conditions, access hub sessions, home visits.
  • Provide leadership through: clinical training, individual mentoring and coaching, innovation and change leadership, support for practices in crisis or in under-doctored areas.

NHS England willl evaluate the £1m scheme after six months, to ‘define a model to promote for further local use’.

Yet again more evidence of the attraction of portfolio working as more people realise that they actually enjoy doing more than one type of work.

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