Doctors with Portfolio Careers – the next chapter.

by Barrie Hopson on August 8, 2018 · 0 comments

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I have posted before about the increasing attractiveness of a portfolio career for doctors and this morning came across a fascinating article by Jenny Cook. In this she reports that  Nottinghamshire LMC’s ‘Portfolio Plus’ scheme, which was introduced in May 2018, helps local GPs to find opportunities for portfolio work by linking them with an experienced portfolio-working GP colleague. The LMC hopes that this will enable GPs to enjoy a better working life and improved wellbeing, which in turn will improve GP recruitment and retention in the area.

Nottinghamshire LMC committee member Dr Christine Johnson said that GPs who have taken part in the scheme so far have reported a ‘considerable improvement in levels of job satisfaction and wellbeing’.

‘Along with many other areas in the country, Nottinghamshire LMC has become increasingly concerned about the wellbeing of local GPs and the impact on retention,’ Dr Johnson said. ‘As a result, Nottinghamshire LMC have worked collaboratively with a variety of other organisations such as the RCGP, CCGs and NHS England to explore possible solutions.’

Earlier this year, GPonline revealed that the uptake of the GP retainer scheme has been dwarfed by the number of doctors quitting the profession each month.

While still in its infancy, the scheme offers those interested in developing a portfolio career one-to-one sessions with a senior GP in a protected environment to discuss career development and possible opportunities that could work alongside traditional general practice. The scheme also links GPs with local peer support networks to provide practical and emotional support.

As I keep saying, if doctors are finding this an attractive career alternative what will other professions be experiencing!

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