I am beginning to think that I am fighting as a one person band here in attempting to denigrate this awful American alternative to portfolio careers. And ‘no’ – it is not just because our book headlines ‘portfolio careers’. Honestly!

I have been asked to write articles for a no of US sites and I am consistent in my lack of use of slashies and always enjoy telling them what the colloquial meening of this term is in the UK.

Particulary concerned to see it being taken up by a group for which I have great respect the Hot Spots movement. This was set up by Professor Lynda Gratton who I first met many years ago when my company Lifeskills International was delivering large scale career management workshops for BA employees. We ran workshops for 100 people at at time over 2 days. Lynda worked for BA at that time. I am a great admirer of her work and expecially her latest book The Hundred Year Life.

I still rate you and your co-workers very much Lynda but can you get them to stop publicising this awful term! It sounds like something Donald Trump might have invented – after all he has always had a slashie career!

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