This will be part of the title of my new book which moves us on from portfolio careers. There is an excellent article in todays Evening Standard by Hannah Flint in which she discusses the massive growth of portfolio careers, side hussles, etc. I was taken by a quote she uses:

“But why are so many of us giving up our evenings, weekends and every spare moment for work, work and more work? ‘Our careers have evolved to be portfolios and people are looking for authenticity, purpose and meaning in their lives,’ says Mayall Fine. A bit on the side, she says, ‘can be a really nice way to do that’, whether through working on something you’re passionate about or learning new life skills. “

Our new book will be called “Be The Architect of Your Own Future : A Recipe for Portfolio Living”. We are hoping to have a publisher shortly. So doing the rounds at the moment. And Yes – I still have a portfolio career – but now wish to reposition the concept into one that helps people to find meaning and purpose in their lives through a mixture of their life roles which of course could also include paid or unpaid work. But maybe not….

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