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by Barrie Hopson on September 3, 2019 · 0 comments

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Delighted to hear from the very lovely and very talented Marianne Cantwell this morning that the second edition of her great book is now available in the UK. I had the pleasure of helping her to get the first edition published 6 years ago. Portfolio careerists are not necessarily free range humans but most free range humans have portfolio careers.

Marianne is delighted that it was written up in the Daily Telegraph this morning (if you’re in the UK, it’s in their ‘New Season Resolutions’ special in today’s paper. Yes, when the Telegraph is talking about free ranging you know the world has changed!) I love her description of this edition that states that this is ” the book to pick up if you’re done with leaving a piece of yourself at the door in order to get paid… or if the thought of making things work (without having to squish yourself and your personality into someone else’s box) sounds right up your street”.

To launch this new edition Marianne says that “while it keeps the heart of the first, there are things in here I didn’t dare say the first time… above all, this fresh edition is the antidote to the ’10 step formulas’ and ‘be a version of someone else’ advice (and endless comparisons) clogging up our newsfeeds in 2019.”

So look out for:

– A new chapter on ‘the hidden side of success stories’ – including a big part of her story which she has never shared before .

– Loads on figuring out / creating a direction that fits and making your free range thing work in a loud world (including new stories and approaches, and a new ‘free range personality profile’ to help you making the most of who you are… without getting lost in endless comparisons or in the ‘be a version of someone else’ ‘blueprints for success’ all over the internet these days)

– Fresh perspectives with way more about doing things as you, to suit your personality and the life you want whatever that looks like 

– A new chapter on how to overcome information overload and take the right next steps for you.

So – if you didn’t buy the first edition definitely add this one to your ‘books to read”

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