Portfolio Careers or Side Hustles?

by Barrie Hopson on November 17, 2019 · 0 comments

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I keep coming across more and more references to the increase of a side hustle career profile and the question of ‘but isn’t that just a version of a portfolio career? ‘ Actually I think it is – just about! However, it is likely always to be a more limited portfolio career as someone with a side hustle is most likely to have a main job but then begins another line of business ‘on the side’. Researchers at Reading University reckon that 1 in 4 workers now have a ‘secondary business’ in addition to their full time jobs. For some that will be the way that it stays but for others that will at some point become their main business. They are also predicting that by 2030 half of the adult population may have side hussles. They reckon that those with side hussles make about 20% of their income through this!

Chloe Jepps, head of research at the Association of Independant Professionals and Self Employed, says “people are turning to side hussles not only as a secondary source of income but also to pursue a passion in their spare time. In fact many use such side hustles as an entry point into self employment”.

Just remember not to say what I heard someone say recently at a conference about new career patterns – ” how many people are doing somthing on the side!”

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