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A selection of opinions, reviews and endorsements from people who have seen the book or heard us talk about the topic.

Review on the Family Friendly Working site for mumpreneurs. Sept 29 2010

Mike Southon has written an article for the Financial Times based on our book. July 30 2010

Read Barrie’s article on portfolio careers for graduates. This was for the magazine produced for graduates by the Higher Education Careers Services Unit.

Read an interview with Katie discussing portfolio careers on Business

A really great review in February’s Management Today journal when we are described as being ‘best of its kind’.

Review  of our book by John Lees in People Management

February edition of RED magazine has an article in it by Gaby Hinsliff on Work or kids? Why women are still having to choose. It contains an excellent review of our book.

New and very positive review of our book by Jane Woods.

A new article by Barrie and Katie in December on the Women in Technology website called Portfolio Careers and New Technologies

Yorkshire Post. Read an article on portfolio careers by Barrie and Katie, November 25.

Andy Lopata, business networking strategist, co-author of “Building a Business on Bacon and Eggs” and “…and Death Came Third!”

Great endorsement of the book from Andy Lopata in his newsletter Nov 19th after our book launch at 1 Alfred Place in London.

“This morning I was at the launch of Barrie Hopson and Katie Ledger’s new book ‘And What Do You Do?’.

It may seem odd for me to be recommending a book whose title is the question I most dislike hearing at networking events! But this book epitomises the reason why it can be such a difficult question for many people to answer. Society has moved from traditions of everyone having ‘a job for life’ with one employer, to a position where many of us enjoy a ‘portfolio career’, focusing on a range of different tasks for different employers.

I wasn’t aware I had a portfolio career until I met Katie. Yet I was always a prime candidate for such an approach to work, never happy working for one company and always seeking variety and stimulation. A book like this would have been so helpful to me ten years ago when I was planning my move away from corporate life.

This is what makes it so timely now. With large numbers of people looking at what options they have following redundancy, this book is an excellent guide to how to decide whether a portfolio approach is for you, how to work out what you should be doing and then how to take it forward.

The sections on networking, personal branding and story telling are comprehensive and well written, while the enthusiasm for new technology and social media as useful tools bring the book bang up to date.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is at a career crossroads. It is also a useful guide for those of us already entrenched in portfolio careers, without actually realising it.”

In My Prime Website

“Within a few years the very phrase ‘going to work’ will be meaningless: work will be what we do, not a place we go to” – Anne Lise Kjaer

“And what do you do? – 10 steps to creating a portfolio career”, a new book by Barrie Hopson and Katie Ledger, is full of such pithy insights. It should be made compulsory reading for everyone over 50 and strongly recommended to anyone at any age who’s struggling to achieve an interesting, challenging and rewarding working life.

For the uninitiated a portfolio career is one where you do two or more jobs for different employers. It’s a way of ensuring that you utilise your skills and passions in your working life, a means of working flexibly to accommodate your other commitments and interests, and a medium through which older people in particular can sustain a working life that brings happiness, health and fulfilment for as long as they want it to.

As with Barrie’s previous books this one is a great read – an inspiring blend of perceptive information and practical advice supplemented by thought-provoking exercises to help you discover whether a portfolio career might be for you. Best of all it doesn’t concentrate solely on the positive aspects of portfolio working making everything appear deceptively easy.  As anyone who has a portfolio career will confirm, it is a risky and insecure way to work and can be difficult to sustain in financial terms when, as now, times are hard. In the book, Chapter 2: Can I afford a portfolio career? deals with the downside particularly well and, by causing you to consider some of the challenges, actually leaves you more motivated.

Sunday Times

An interview with Katie on 25 October 2009. Download ‘Three Jobs Can Be More Fun Than One’ (PDF).

Daily Telegraph

See the article that we wrote for the Daily Telegraph on publication day, October 15th: When two jobs are better than one.

London Evening Standard

Download a copy of an article published in The Evening Standard, 18 August 2009: Rapid Rise of the Portfolio Worker.

Tanya de Grunwald, author of Dude, Where’s my Career? The Guide for Baffled Graduates

Finally, a book that proves there’s a new way of slicing the work pie – and it’s here to stay. As attention spans shrink and the world spins faster, portfolio careers mean diversity for older workers, excitement for younger workers and fulfilment for everyone. Why have one boring job-for-life when you can have several cool jobs-for-the-time-being?

Steven D´Souza, author of Brilliant Networking and Executive Fellow, IE Business School

We were all born with the creative potential to make a difference through our work to our families, friends and communities.  And What Do You Do? is a practical, inspiring and necessary book that allows you to be the artist of your career – a must read for all those who value diversity, fulfilment and creativity in their work.

Seth Godin

Katie asks Seth Godin his one min thought about portfolio working:

Bruce Lynn, Director of Server Business Group, Microsoft UK

Corporates have long known the benefits of having multiple suppliers, securing diverse revenue streams and building a portfolio of assets that play to their strategic strengths.  This book is a must-read for people who want to apply these same principles to their personal lives for careers that are rewarding both financially and personally.

David Brain, CEO & President Europe, Edelman PR

Anyone who manages a business that relies on creative people knows that they sometimes have creative lifestyles too.  This book is a must-read for the employer who realises that sometimes you can only have the best people by only having part of them.

Paul Chubb, Non-executive Director and Policy Adviser, Careers England

Making the most of our talents is in part what effective career planning involves. But there’s more to it than that. It’s also about securing the quality of life we seek. This book will build the skills and confidence necessary to develop a portfolio career.  This workstyle will become all the more accessible and realisable for the host of readers that I’m sure will devour this gem of a book. Fulfilment beckons…

Sir Ken Robinson

Katie asks Sir Ken Robinson his one min view on portfolio careers and he talks about the importance of not seeing life as linear…

Roy White Vice President, Human Resources, Sony Europe.

This is an important book for HR professionals as it highlights that we will need to change our relationship with employees if we are going to attract and retain the most talented people. We are going to have to understand how to manage temporary teams of specialists working on “projects” and this will mean that we will need to be much more flexible in our working arrangements and the types of contracts we can offer people.  This will also mean a very different understanding of what we mean by a “company”.  The successful companies of the future will be populated by portfolio workers doing what they love doing.

Mike Pegg – The Strengths Academy, author of The Strengths Way

Katie and Barrie have produced a practical and inspiring book. It shows how people can follow their vocation, express it through many vehicles and do valuable work. It will encourage many readers to make a living by doing fulfilling work and also getting funding.  And What Do You Do? will enable them to build on their strengths and achieve their picture of success.

John Cull, Mentoring Consultant for PRIME (Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise)

As a mature baby boomer, I have at least three jobs at the moment and all of these make me the person I am. It’s what I do: helping others to help themselves. Thanks to Hopson and Ledger’s excellent book, I have found a positive way to express myself and keep “my story” consistent and relevant.

Dr Angela Carter, Occupational Psychologist, Institute of Work Psychology, University of Sheffield

Finally, a book about other people that juggle multiple existences: what a relief! Barrie and Katie write well together and the book is just like the conversation they planned – light and interesting while offering some gems of advice.

Professor Tony Watts, Founding Fellow and Life President, National Association for Careers Education and Counselling

The term “portfolio career” is now common parlance, but this book makes practical sense of it and shows – in inspirational terms – how to construct one’s own.

Vivienne Brown, President, Institute of Careers Guidance 2009

Yet again, Barrie Hopson, and this time with his co-writer Katie Ledger, has produced a highly relevant and fun insight into career development.

Portfolio working is a fast-growing way to manage one’s career and it can be daunting to consider – but this practical, detailed and effortless guide shows just how it can be done.  It’s a must-read for all career professionals and their customers who want a step by step guide to progress from earning an income from various sources in an apparent unstructured way, to creating a satisfying and enjoyable way to self-manage their career.

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