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Tweet Who’s got your back? from Marianne Cantwell on Vimeo. I have already talked about the different words and phrases that people use to talk about people like us who have chosen not to have a ‘proper job’. Marianne commits her life to helping people escape from the traditional work/job cage. I am displaying her […]


Tweet I am spending  more time with people in ” the digital space” as the groovy cats like to call it. Working with individuals and brands who want to understand and interact with their customers and potential customers. Regardless of the type of media; broadcast, digital, print or outdoor, I believe it all comes down […]


Tweet We are delighted to report that our book is now available in ebook format for Kindle on both and on for the US and elsewhere in the world. If you have an iPad or Mac you can also download by adding Kindle to your applications. We now feel very digital!


Tweet When I was talking to professional researchers at a recent Vitae conference in London I mentioned that a serial career was another alternative to the single track full time for life job pattern that dominated the last century. Some of them said that my personal example of someone who every 5 – 7 years […]

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Tweet In our book we mentioned that we had come across some doctors embracing portfolio careers and we have met some scepticism about this so have a look at this recent ad which to our eyes certainly looks to be promoting portfolio careers for medics.


Tweet Portfolio careers – an opportunity to take a fresh look at how you work from ICAEW Digital Communications on Vimeo. Katie likes to joke about me being a recovering academic – the kind of person who stands up and talks for 50 minutes without stopping! Well – here is evidence that I can talk […]


Tweet This is the title of an article by Mary van de Wiel to be found on Dan Schawbel’s website.  Dan is one of the leading personal branding writers and communicators. I was especially attracted to this as it refers particularly to students and what they can do to develop a personal brand and indeed […]


Tweet Katie was recently interviewed for a site which was certainly new to me but which looks to have much potential for people interested in careers work life blend and diversity.  As she might be too modest to post this I have done so. Enjoy!


Tweet We rate Nick Williams highly. As is evidenced by the fact that the last paragraph in our book is a quotation from him.Katie also did a talk last week at one of Nick’s events in London. He is co-founder of Inspired Entrepreneurs and explains how the security of having a ‘proper job’ is just […]


New book review

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Tweet Good review of our book on Antonia Chitty’s site on family friendly working.