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Tweet Having enjoyed being interviewed by the delightful,  quirky and creative Marianne Cantwell during the 2012 Festival I was delighted to be asked to co-host a session this year along with Barbara Sher. It runs from March 11-24. We did this last night and yet again this was a demonstration of just how projects can […]

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Tweet As our book is based all around answering this question and I talk about this to groups rather a lot I was intrigued to come across Marianne Cantwell’s advice on this in a stimulating and fun video on her Free Range Humans website. It has also led to an interesting discussion on our portfolio […]


Tweet This is the title of a great posting from Marianne Cantwell and if you do not look at her blog you should. Marianne wrote a short piece for us for our book and she has given us permission to reproduce an edited version of this posting. I especially just love her comment that, ‘I’ve […]