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The Rainbow Years

Tweet Don’t you just get fed up of all this stuff? Media filled with diets, exercise plans, detox routines, giving up alcohol for January. Having said that I know that it can fulfil a review process which we all need from time to time. I am just a great believer in doing it more regularly […]


Tweet Some of you will know that part of my portfolio career has involved working with older people to encourage them to review and plan to get more out of the second half of their lives. Steve Jobs talked about how each of us needs to make a dent in the Universe. I will be […]


Tweet I was recently contacted by Bill Vicks who is a portfolio worker and amongst other things has a site called BoomersNext  Bill interviewed me about the work that Mike and I have been doing relating to the over 50’s and it kind of moved over into the work that I have and currently […]


Tweet As we always say it is always good to expose yourself to a new experience – even if it involves getting up at 6am – I am an owl not a lark. Interesting challenge in that you are given every daily newspaper 30 minutes before going live and you have to work out just […]


The Rainbow Years: The Pluses of Being 50+

by Barrie Hopson on December 6, 2008 · 0 comments

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Tweet In another time and space ( I was delighted to announce that my new book, written with Mike Scally, my colleague of many years, has been published this week. In addition to bookshops it can be bought at uk,, and also from We should point out that all 3 of these […]